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Did you just buy a large lcd TV or are planning to buy one and you don't want to sacrifice space?

A 42" flat plasma tv will occupy at least 2.5 ft X 3 ft of carpet space. That is a bit too much if you have a 12ft X 14ft bedroom!

Well, the answer to your problem is a wall mount. It is a true space saver.

Wall mount for plasma / lcd tv are especially important for people living in residences with small living areas or when they are trying to keep a large TV in their bedroom!

Choosing a wall mount:
You can use any of these wall mounts to hang your beauty - flat or flush wall mount, tilt wall mounting and swivel arms / swingout wall mount.

You can even hang your lcd tv from the ceiling using a special ceiling tv mount!

A wall mount that swivels, tilts or does both is strongly recommended. Fixed mounts are not recommended as it is difficult to manage the back of your beauty. You will need to access the back inputs while installing or removing the cables. Unless you don't mind using your fingers or dirtying your hands.

If know how to operate a drill, measure accurately and follow instructions can, you can install a flat panel TV on a wall mount!

But, sometimes things are not as easy as they seems. Installing a tv on a wall mount does take work, precision and use of strength. Remember to plan out every thing well in detail BEFORE your proceed to installation of wall mount. It may be a good idea to take the help of another person.

See it your television is VESA or FDMI compliant and ask for appropriate mount. The Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) is a VESA standard for mounting flat panel monitors, TVs and other displays. The standard is correctly known as FDMI, but more often referred to as VESA mount.

Cables and more cables:
Cables run through walls in most houses, which is excellent. But if the cables do not come anywhere the point where you are installation the wall mount, you are not so lucky. I think this will be true in most cases!

So, my friend, you may need to hide the wires running up a wall till the wall mount. Consider placing an obstacle under the flat tv or do some cheating and camouflage the cables till the wall mount.

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