Flat Panel LCD television (TV) - 7 things you must know

Well folks,

Yes, LCD television from LCD TV from LG, Samsung, Sharp, Phillips, Panasonic, Akai, Toshiba look cool and are really worth it!

Flat lcd television displays are a rage these days. Big and bulky CRTs are going out, while widescreen, high-definition flat televisions are coming in.

The digital revolution has brought in a number of benefits. One of them is the flat television. Flat televisions are everywhere - from homes to office to hotels and restaurants - mounted on walls from ceilings!

Here are thing you should know before buying a flat screen television:

What is a flat screen LCD television?
Well, a flat lcd television has a display made of LCDs (Liquid Crystal Diodes), I know you knew it already! LCD displays are also used in  clocks, car dashboards, calculator, stereos and even bathroom scales. Most televisions of this kind use TFT (thin-film transistor) technology.

Benefits of LCD TV's
  • Crisp and clear:: Flat screen television (tvs) have more pixels per square inch than a CRT TV, which means you get a sharper image.

  • Less reflection, less glare:: They are easier on the eye because of the backlight. Flat screen televisions don't flare up when the sun hits them, and they don't flicker.

  • Wide viewing angle:: Flat LCDs television can be watched from a wide angle in the room, though they are less versatile as compared to plasma television in viewing angle.

  • Install Almost Anywhere:: Flat LCD television comes in different sizes. You can install and enjoy watching flat lcd tv anywhere: the family room, a home office or even in the kitchen!

  • Burn-in? No problem.:: You don't have to worry about the screens burn-in with lcd television (TVs). You can display a family photo on the tube when you're not playing video games, surfing the web or watching a DVD.

  • Low energy consumption and long life:: Energy consumption of flat lcd television is low as compared to plasma displays. LCD television also has a long life, up to 20 years based on eight hours of viewing a day.

  • Freedom of Installation:: Flat television is among the lightest television you can buy. You can install a lcd tv using table or wall mounts or even cool wall-mounted swivel arms.

What to look for when buying an LCD TV
  • Is the tuner included? :: Most Flat lcd television come with the tuner built in, but it is worth checking to see if you need to buy a separate TV tuner.

  • How good is brightness and contrast? :: LCD television vary in their brightness and contrast, and therefore picture quality. The contrast ratio is a measurement between the lightest and darkest pixels, you should try and aim for a minimum of 400:1. Brightness is a measurement of the intensity of light. It's measured in cd/m2. The higher the number of each of these the better the quality of picture.

  • How about the viewing angle? :: Some flat screen television have better viewing angles than others. Try to find a television with a 150-degree horizontal angle or better.

  • What extras are included? :: Flat panel televisions can come with built-in speakers, separate mounted speakers - or none at all! If you are creating a home theater environment, you may consider investing in some Dolby surround sound speakers. Check is whether your television comes with a tabletop stand.

  • What kind of connection ports does it have? :: You will need at least one SCART socket, as well as s-video and component inputs. Some screens come with USB hubs allowing you to connect peripherals such as digital cameras, or computer connections for your PC.

  • HDMI Connection :: High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a high quality single cable connection for enhancing video and audio data. HDMI is ideal for use with an HD-ready LCD TV. A HDMI DVD Player would also enhance picture and sound quality from a standard DVD to near HD quality when used with a HD-ready LCD TV.

Installing a flat panel lcd television
The light weight and thin width of tv gives you many options for installing a flat lcd tv.

You can use flat wall mounting, tilt wall mounting (using special wall mounts), table mounting and down from ceiling using tilt mounting brackets for your tv.

Choose a good location in the room for your tv, so that enough sitting space is available around the flat television. Avoid a location where direct light or sunlight falls on the flat screen tv.

What is the correct distance and height for installing a flat panel lcd tv?
There are differing opinions on the best way to determine optimum distance for viewing flat lcd screen tv. The high-resolution panel screen displays reduce the visibility of scan lines, so you can sit closer without noticing them.

You can follow these guidelines for viewing distance of LCD TV:
LCD TV Screen size Viewing distance
20 - 27 inches 0.75 to 1.5 meters
32 - 37 inches 1.8 to 2.5 meters
42 - 46 inches 3 to 4.5 meters
50+ inches .5 - 5 meters

The flat panel lcd tv should be placed at an optimum height so that your eyes are level with the middle of the panel screen when you're seated in your normal viewing position while watching television.

Handling of lcd television
Flat LCD TV panel screen should be handled carefully. Before moving a flat screen tv, turn it off and unplug it to avoid unnecessary damage to internal parts, power fluctuations, or mishaps from cords.

Even though, LCD television is light, but they do contain glass material, so when installing or moving the panel tv, be sure to place it gently.

Avoid scratching the flat panel television screen, never touch an flat panel TV screen with your fingers or any sharp object.

Cleaning your flat panel television
Turn off your lcd TV before cleaning. It's safer and will let you see smudges more easily.

Never use a strong cleaning solution, glass cleaners or ammonia-based cleaners to clean your lcd tv. Use isopropyl alcohol or a cleaner specifically designed for LCD TV screens

You can use a commercial cleaning cloth and solutions for LCD TV. But, do note that the product specifically says “for LCD screen” (or “for laptop screen”).

Never spray cleaning liquid directly onto the flat panel screen tv or its casing. Pour or apply a little quantity of liquid onto the cleaning cloth and then clean your flat panel lcd tv gently by applying it to the flat panel tv screen.

For cleaning your TV, use a very soft cleaning cloth or just use a soft piece of cotton cloth dampened with the cleaning liquid. Paper towels might scratch the screen of you LCD TV, DON'T use them!

Regularly dust an LCD TV and the area around it, excessive dust can damage an LCD TV in several ways.

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